Join us for a cocktail reception and get your digital hands dirty!

Over 20 exhibitors from Hive Learning Networks, Make Things Do Stuff, and MIT Media Lab will share projects that exemplify connecting practices across disciplines. Come mingle and meet the people, projects and ideas that build bridges using open learning principles.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Badges: Forging a Chicago STEM Pathway Across the US | Project Exploration / C-STEMM

Interact with experiences developing and implementing a STEM digital-badging ecosystem for non-formal learning environments in Chicago. We will center on a hands-on, interactive metaphorming activity to invent the I-80 for digital badging. Come and re-imagine pathways, build bridges between cities, and move youth and communities to amazing new places.

4th Floor | Chattanooga Public Library
The 4th floor of Chattanooga Public Library in Tennessee is a public laboratory and educational facility with a focus on information, design, technology, and the applied arts. The 12,000+ ft2 space hosts equipment, expertise, programs, events, and meetings that work within this scope. While traditional library spaces support the consumption of knowledge by offering access to media, 4th Floor is unique because it supports the production, connection, and sharing of knowledge by offering access to tools and instruction. This station will have demos and descriptions of the activities that take place at the library.

Arts Greenhouse | Carnegie Mellon University
Experience an impromptu music recording! Arts Greenhouse is a free hip-hop education and music technology program for teens. Come see what the kids have made. (All tracks will be compiled and made available for download.)

BadgeKit | Mozilla­­
Mark Surman (Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation) will be announcing the launch of BadgeKit at the Science Fair. This station will be a good place for people to test out the new toolstack, provide feedback and get questions answered.

Build in Progress | MIT Media Lab: Lifelong Kindergarten Group
Build in Progress is a platform to document and share your design projects as they’re being developed. We showcase and celebrate the trials and errors that naturally occur throughout the design process!

Code Club | Code Club, UK
Code Club is a volunteer lead after school coding club for children in elementary and middle school. We send volunteers into schools to teach Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python etc. Our lesson materials are tried and tested, free and open source :)

Code Your Kicks! | GigaBryte
GigaBryte was designed to help close the racial and ethnic divide in computing. We introduce low opportunity youth to programming through wearable electronics. We built a platform for “sneakerheads,” or kids who are obsessed with sneaker design, customization, and collection. We use their passion as a gateway into programming. 

Codemancer | Important Little Games
A fantasy game that teaches the magic of code and the fundamentals of programming to a broad audience. This station will have a working demo with for participants to play and explore!

Curiosity Machine | Iridescent
We will showcase the Curiosity Machine, an online website that contains over 80 of Iridescent’s open-ended design challenges. Each activity inspires kids to be more creative, curious, and persistent through the act of building and creating. The website is free to use, and offers the opportunity for kids to be virtually mentored by professional engineers as they build.

Digital Learning Day | Kansas City Public Library
Come see how we’ve engaged youth through making activities! Share best-practices with us, and learn about the new Gigabit Hive efforts.

GreenTECH Specialist Badge & App | MOUSE
MOUSE will demo activities and an app from our new GreenTECH badge. GreenTECH utilizes new technologies, including Webmaker tools, to encourage making, experimenting and remixing, while learning about earth-friendly technology. The app allows students to perform energy audits and experiment with ways to reduce a school’s carbon footprint. While it was developed to accompany GreenTECH, it is open for anyone to use.

Media Lab | Sarah Heinz House [tentative]

NYC Haunts | Global Kids
Global Kids will showcase NYC Haunts: youth-created augmented-reality games about neighborhoods in New York. We will engage in a dialogue about best-practices from our experience expanding this program to new formal and informal learning settings. We will also demonstrate how to use MIT’s new software, TaleBlazer, to design and play a geo-locative game.

OpenBadges Pathways | Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation + Mozilla
Mozilla’s OpenBadges and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are creating a Discovery tool — a directory of badges connected to career pathways — with content developed in collaboration with industry partners.  With a primary audience of pre-college youth, these pathways will link to specific learning experiences and career goals. At the core of the project is the idea that there are different types of pathways, and that these can be personalized to meet individual learning needs.

Pterosaurs: The Card Game | American Museum of Natural History
A new card game about pterosaurs designed via a DIY web-based card game tool that incorporat­­es elements of augmented reality. This is a collaborative effort between an afterschool youth program, the museum exhibition department, game designers, and science educators.

STEM Stars | YWCA Greater Pittsburgh + Carnegie Science Center
Check out how the STEM Stars help girls improve academic achievement! This collaborative project removes barriers, increases opportunities, and prepares young people for exciting STEM career exploration.

Remake Learning Digital Corps | Hive Pittsburgh/The Sprout Fund
Activate digital literacies for youth! The Digital Corps is a network of makers, educators, community members, and students working to demystify programming, investigate privacy issues, and pair mentors with teenagers. We will demonstrate our learning tools, training process, and Hive Pittsburgh community resources.

StoryScape: Transmedia for Everyone | MIT Media Lab: Affective Computing Group
StoryScape is a platform that allows anyone to create highly interactive illustrated digital stories that can cross into physical assets and environments.

The Things They Carried Interactive | National Veterans Art Museum
Inspired by Tim O’Brien’s book, The Things They Carried, this exhibit serves as a visual companion to illustrate the narrative with fine art and photography from veterans that lived the stories in the novel. This interactive site for the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago seeks to allow anyone to access and explore The Things They Carried exhibit, and provide a deeper understanding of the experience, sacrifice and historical significance of what these soldiers carried — physically and emotionally — during the Vietnam War.

Unhangout | MIT Media Lab
Unhangout is an open source platform for running large-scale online un-conferences for community-based learning instead of top-down information transfer. Think of it as a classroom with an infinite number of breakout sessions. Each event has a landing page, which we call the lobby. When participants arrive, they can see who else is there and chat with each other. The hosts can do a video welcome and introduction that gets streamed into the lobby. Participants then break out into smaller sessions (up to 10 people per session) for in-depth conversations, peer-to-peer learning, and collaboration on projects.

Webmaker + Hive Learning NetworksMozilla
Level up your web literacy skills with Mozilla Webmaker!  See how the web works and remix any website with X-Ray Goggles and Thimble. Or learn more about Hive Learning Networks and what it takes to start a Hive in your city.

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